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ISAES / 2016
Amplificador de sirena 2016 (ISAE)Mando Panel de mensaje variable ISAE ScorpioDetalle Amplificador de sirena 2016 (ISAE)
Amplificador de sirena 2016 (ISAE)
Mando Panel de mensaje variable ISAE Scorpio
Detalle Amplificador de sirena 2016 (ISAE)


Amplifier siren with pa and handset for Scorpio Panel

Amplifier siren 12v or 24v 100w siren with public address and volume control of the microphone, 3 tones ( wailp, yelp, hi-lo), operates with an illuminated handset control with push buttons, key for change the power of the speaker ( DAY/NIGHT) manual button and change from horn, 6 outputs for lights control and arrows stick swith control. Incorporate communication BUS-LINE system.
*available european sound

• Includes software connection with the keypad to program up to 253  messages in which you can put up to 9 words of 10 characters each display for message display and menu configuration of 59x31mm

Push-buttons for siren, manual, day/night speaker, beacons flashes, cruise light, take down, alley light, recording of 1 audio message, audio message playback, volume control of public address system, keys for message functions and options, back arrow bar control etc.