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ISAES / 2010-BF
Amplificador de sirena 2010 BF (ISAE)DEtalle Amplificador de sirena 2010 BF (ISAE)
Amplificador de sirena 2010 BF (ISAE)
DEtalle Amplificador de sirena 2010 BF (ISAE)


Amplifier siren with public address

Amplifier siren 12V or 24V 100W siren with public address and volume control of the microphone, 3 tones (wailp, yelp, hi-lo), operates with an illuminated remote control with push buttons, key for change the power of the speaker (DAY/NIGHT) manual button and change from horn, 6 outputs for lights control and arrows stick swith control. Incorporate communication BUS-LINE system.

• BUS-LINE system incorporate
• Ergonomic swift control panel with backlight in blue color and
• Orientable support handset control
• Swift for change tone and change tone with car claxon
• Change claxon tone with swift (day/night)
• Handset with extensible cable
• 6 auxiliar output max 10 Amp
• External box with general swith ON-OFF
• Voltage: 12V 10 Amp, 24V 5 Amp
• Power: 100W
• Available with arrow stick system
• Size handset: 140 x 56 x 25 mm
• Size amplifier box: 77 x 131 x 170 mm
• Temperature: -30ºC +50ºC
• Installing wiring is provided
• Available differents tones to european countries