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ISAES / Siren SC60
Sirena Sc60

Siren SC60

Compact siren SC-60 with and without pa

Amplifier built-in speaker horn 60W 12V ideal for installation on motorcycles due to their small size or front area of the vehicle, models without paging and public address microphone control waterproof 2 tone (wailp, yelp), run by switches (not supplied), available at tones for the European market.

• Amplifier inside
• Siren Power: 35+35W
• Plastic housings corrosion resistant
• Adjustable metal bracket
• Waterproof Microphone
• 2.5 Amp consumption
• Size: 105 x 119 mm
• Temperature: -30°C +50°C
• Ref: SC-60 and SC-60-MF with PA