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ISAES / K235 led
Kit luces de led para moto K235 ISAE

K235 led

Motorcycle led lights kit

Motorcycle LED lights kit: 2 heads model OPTIMUS with 7 leed and with cruise light (only blue) and power supply inside, 2 section extending mast with cruise light, and power supply inside, flasher unit , handlebar control and cables. EC R65 Approval. T1 and T2 blue, T1 amber.
Colors: Blue, amber and red (with clear lenses).

• 2 spotlights new design with 7 blue LED
• Lens Polycarbonate and UV inhibitor
• Handheld spotlight support and steel, aluminum mast with 12 LED crown, 2 extendable mast sections, 590 mm length, extended length 1100 mm, stainless mast bracket, handlebar control for functions outside central flashes, supplied installation wiring
• Voltage: 12-24V 2.5 Amp
• Temperature: -30ºC +50ºC
• Polycarbonate lenses with UV inhibitor